‘My Imagination – The Next Generation’ Edwina Corlette Gallery – Group show 2020


Set in foundations of ‘en plein air’ my practice follows an innate desire to be in the land. Since June 2018 I have been traversing this vast peculiar country, living and working out of a 4WD. This mobile-home has provided an opportunity to undertake a painting led enquiry into Australian terrains. It has also challenged my practice and built an immense archive of studies, images, and memories to reference. This journey has become the substrate in which my career will continue to evolve.

The artworks included in ‘My Imagination’ are results of studying the immediate environment whilst reflecting on memories of place. Each work has been created in various ‘outdoor studios’ as I travelled from the Great Ocean Road in the south of Victoria up to the Murray River in the north west of the state. These paintings place importance on nature by creating narratives around varying protagonists. For example; one moment trees hold centre stage as they dance to the ephemeral beat of luminosity, next, the ever present alluring birds lead the choreography with their guile and beauty.

This journey of sustained immersion has enabled intricate idiosyncrasies of my subject matter to be unveiled. Inspired by the resilience and diversity of life I celebrate these intimate moments, while also investigating the play between colours and shapes. This enquiry has provided an heightened appreciation for the land and an elementary understanding of the intrinsic connection between humans and the environment.

Acknowledging that our survival depends on a healthy ecosystem I hope my paintings encourage a greater concern and respect for the ancient life within our world.

Emily Imeson_MyImagination_023

Emily Imeson_MyImagination_025Installation