Take Me There -2020

The Land: wise in her antiquity, beautiful in her resilience.

EmilyImeson_web__JacquiTurk-7My practice is a natural inquisition fulfilling my innate desire to be in the landscape. Over time I have developed a satisfying fixation of both; the Australian environment, and the process of painting itself. Although the age of this land is beyond my imagination, it is evident in the challenging and uncompromising conditions found across Australia. The adversity within the environment is a great inspiration, showing that nature insists on surviving.

The result; a remarkable beauty.

While exploring Australia I have experienced many extreme landscapes and have spent my time working in a ‘great outdoor studio’. “Take Me There” documents my journey into arid areas of South Australia and Northern Victoria, particularly The Painted Desert and Murray-Sunset National Park. This exhibition is a celebration and a visual archive, attempting to expel a faux reality of the desert being a barren landscape void of life. In these places I have witnessed twisted, stunted mallee trees dancing to their own tune and resilient, intelligent fauna joining the ballet of survival.